Mario Balotelli’s Ex-Fiance Fanny Neguesha Tells All!

The gorgeous Sports WAG Fanny Neguesha has confirmed her relationship with Mario Balotelli is”definitely over”  but says she feels no bitterness towards the Liverpool footballer.

‘It’s definitely over between Mario and me. But I want to highlight this: we have no quarrel. I wish Mario all the best in his life and his football career,” the Instagram-obsessed beauty noted.

She said: ‘I wasn’t prepared for all the attention. In the beginning you’re happy when a picture of you goes around the world: ‘Wow, so many attention… Just for me?’ I didn’t know that feeling to get all eyes suddenly staring at you. The first weeks it felt like I’d bought a new dress and everyone was giving me compliments. But it became an annoying rut. Always being careful what you would wear, how your looks were: tiring. It was like an enormous pressure.”

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