Well, it sure looks like Justin Bieber is enjoying the beauty of Australia.

Especially if that beauty is Emily Baldwin, the gorgeous model who the media in Australia has been reporting visited Justin’s hotel room in Perth. Emily, 20 years old, was seen by the Aussie media being escorted into the 23-year-old’s villa in Crown Towers on Wednesday evening.

Despite sharing the same surname as Justin’s famous ex-girlfriend Hailey, Perth local Emily appears to bear no relation to the blonde bombshell.

According to the news reports in Australia, Emily evoked envy amongst Justin’s legion of fans after she shared a snap of a “beautiful view” that appeared to be taken from the star’s room.

And it appears the genetically-blessed Aussie is a huge fan of the pop star’s, even using one of his lyrics from the hit Love Yourself as her Instagram bio, as it reads “My Mama Don’t Like You.”